5 ways to save on your hot water bill

Hot water makes up 1/3 of the power bill for a lot of people. In these times of inflation, it helps to find ways to make what money we have go further. 

Our good mates at Rinnai have given us some great tips to share with you all.



1. Low Flow Taps and Shower Heads

These decrease the amount of water used without having an impact on the water pressure or quality of your shower. They reduce the flow rate – mixing in air, instead of extra water, to reinforce the water pressure – meaning you get to save on water while enjoying the same level of comfort for your showers!

TOP TIP: Take showers over baths, and have shorter showers!

A full tub of water can be a few showers worth of hot water! Plus we get lost in the steam sometimes! In the next room, put on a playlist of your three favourite shower songs – or set a timer on your phone. Every minute you save is approximately 220 litres of water a month? This adds up to 2640 litres a year!

2. Do Laundry with Cold Water

Most of our everyday clothes are fine to wash in cold water. Not only does this help you cut down on your water heating costs, cold wash is the gentlest option for most fabrics to extend their life for – but be sure to check the label first. While it’s common for people to think that hot water is the best for killing germs and removing stains, it can also do the most damage to clothes by causing them to fade, shrink, or wrinkle more.

3. Fix Leaks and Drips

Whether it’s a leaky pipe or a dripping tap, sorting out the issue straight away will definitely serve your wallet and your home better in the long run. (It also means less mopping for you too!)

4. Fill Up Your Dishwasher

These modern systems are really efficient at heating water within themselves and they use less water than an average sink. But, you get real value when the dishwasher is full every time! Some systems have an eco setting to conserve more water and energy!

5. Keep an Eye on Ratings

When buying a new appliance, keep an eye out for energy efficiency stars. The more stars an appliance has, the more efficient it is – and if you’d like to delve deeper, you can take a look at the annual energy consumption displayed in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and use this to calculate the annual cost of electricity per year (the average cost of a kWh is $0.25).

Last top tip! Often, the biggest savings you can make is with the water heating technology itself. Modern, energy efficient cylinders pay for themselves over time and future proof your house – keeping you in baths, showers, clean dishes and hot cups of tea for many years to come! 

Talk to the specialists on 0800HOTWATER to find out how we can help you save on your power bills! 

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