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Rinnai Infinity Delux Bathroom Control


The Rinnai Bathroom Deluxe Controller works in conjunction with the kitchen controller. This has a number of benefits:

  • Safety: If you have young children, the hot water can be pre-set to a child-safe level for the period while you are filling the bath—a safety interlock feature prevents the water temperature from being adjusted from another controller while the bathroom controller is operating and hot water is flowing.
  • Ability to transfer control back to the kitchen controller at the press of a button.
  • No need to mix hot and cold water, this reduces the effect of temperature spiking when another tap in the building is turned on
  • You use your Rinnai INFINITY continuous flow gas hot water unit more efficiently as less gas is required to heat water to 40 °C (typical shower temperature) than at 55 °C (default temperature without controllers)

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Weight49.6 kg
Dimensions77.17 × 39.06 × 1.57 cm



Gas Hot Water



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Gas Systems

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