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About Superheat

For over 25 years, Superheat Ltd has been manufacturing water heating solutions and equipment for businesses and homeowners all over New Zealand – providing hot water to domestic homes, commercial properties, dairy facilities and marine industries.

Based in Christchurch, Superheat is a Canterbury treasure when it comes to keeping your home or properties brimming with reliable hot water! Unfortunately, their original and historic factory in Ferry Road was one of the many casualties of the Christchurch earthquakes, but Superheat is a survival story of the fittest!

With no time to spare, and customers still needing hot water solutions, Superheat successfully made a new manufacturing home in a modern facility in Woolston instead. There, they are able to keep producing high-quality water heating solutions nationwide, supporting their local region and its rebuild by producing locally made, locally trusted hot water cylinders for its customers!


Helping to support Christchurch’s economy by continuing to serve the people was one of Superheat’s main drivers for keeping its home local, and its customers warm!

After 25 years of development of their products, Superheat has the hot water cylinder for every condition and every requirement!

Introducing Superheat Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Gas heating is not your only option anymore! Consider the low cost, low maintenance alternative of an electric hot water cylinder! Made from the highest quality materials, each Superheat cylinder is fully insulated and built to last – providing you with reliable and optimal hot water for your property all year round and for years to come.

Not only is the electric low-pressure option affordable, but it is also a trusted brand, used, sold and serviced by many hot water cylinder specialists in Canterbury! When the cylinders are being used by the experts, you know you are getting the best products!

All of Superheat’s products are manufactured to meet Australian and New Zealand performance standards and are built to be the investment that stands the test of time – costing you less in repairs and replacements!

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Superheat 270L Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinder 560mm x 1800mm
Superheat 225L Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinder 560mm x 1540mm
Superheat 180L Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinder 560mm x 1240mm
How a low-pressure hot water cylinder will save you money!

Hot water heating accounts for about nearly half of your household bills, so it only makes sense to try and find the most cost-effective solution out there to keep your bills down! Low-pressure hot water cylinders only give you the hot water that you need without creating a surplus that is just wasted (but you still have to pay for). Low-pressure cylinders cut down your water usage massively, saving your hard-earned cash for other things than an inflated power bill!

Why wait? Make the switch today with The Hot Water Shop, providing top-of-the-range Superheat hot water cylinders and service! Enjoy watching your power bill go down!

Have a question about Superheat cylinders? Contact our team today!

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Our work is completed by Master Plumbers and we stock reputable brands with quality warranty programs.

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Remove any concerns of a budget blow out once the job starts, with our fixed price installation packages.

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