Difference Between Low And Mains Pressure Cylinder

Lots of people make the switch from low/equal pressure to mains pressure cylinders for several reasons, although there are advantages to having a low-pressure hot water system as well! In modern households where several people share a home, low-pressure systems can be inconvenient…

Hot water check

Hot Water Cylinder Check

While pitting corrosions of hot water cylinders and domestic water pipes are quite common and difficult to predict, after studying the prematurely failing copper cylinders in question, the engineers taking the investigation were able to conclude that the failures were due to an excess of chlorine not previously found in Christchurch water.

Choosing the right cylinder

If you are already running an older low or mains pressure cylinder, then it often makes sense to replace with another cylinder. I guess it all depends on the size of your family, your budget or if trying a more sustainable option is something you want to consider.