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Hot Water Cylinders

Much of New Zealands housing has old low or mains pressure cylinders that can be expensive to run – commonly accounting for 50% of your monthly power bill. Check out our full range of newer cylinder systems to replace or upgrade your current model.


Hot Water Heat Pumps

A very efficient way to heat your water, with savings of over 70% on your current water heating costs. We supply the quietest cylinder with inbuilt heat pump on the market and we can even retrofit a heat pump to most standard cylinders.


Gas Hot Water Systems

Most houses can easily replace a cylinder with gas hot water and the savings on power are huge. We’ve narrowed our range down to some of the best performing models for New Zealand conditions.


Wetback Cylinders

If you already have a fire with a wetback system then it makes sense to keep this in place when upgrading to a new cylinder, especially if you are worried about power cuts in winter. Check out our great range of low and mains pressure wetback cylinders here.


Solar Hot Water Systems

The smart, environment friendly way to save approximately $100 per month on power by fitting solar to a current cylinder or installing a new solar ready cylinder with a small, powerful modern solar panel.

Our Brands

 We take pride in representing highly reputable brands that we trust for use in New Zealand conditions. 


About us

Established in 2014 as a buyers group to support a few local plumbers to achieve better pricing on a wide range of hot water systems and parts. The approach proved to be very successful, especially for our plumbers’ clients, you, the homeowners.We are the specialists in helping you find the right hot water system to suit your home. If you want more hot water, want to save on your monthly power bills or explore more environmentally friendly options, then we are the team for you.

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