Choosing The Right Cylinder Size For You!

What size cylinder suits me?

If you are already running an older low or mains pressure cylinder, then it often makes sense to replace with another cylinder. I guess it all depends on the size of your family, your budget or if trying a more sustainable option is something you want to consider.

The basics of working out your cylinder size come down to very simple questions:

  • What is the capacity of your current cylinder?
  • Do you occasionally run out of hot water?
  • How many people live in the house?
  • How many people could live in the house?

What is the capacity of your current cylinder?

If you can find your cylinder, then you should see a large sticker or badge that says the capacity in litres, e.g. 180L or 300L.

Do you occasional run out of hot water?

If this happens, then you most likely need a new cylinder, BUT, it might be worth having someone check your element and thermostat and even talking to your power company to make sure you are not on night time power rate (only heats at night) and then everyone uses a small cylinder in the morning.

How many people live in the house?

The most important and easy rule of thumb is basing your hot water cylinder size on the number of people living in the house. E.g. your average 4 person household uses 250litres of hot water per day.

  • 1 person = 100 LP or 160 MP
  • 2 Person – 140 LP or 200 MP
  • 3 person – 160 LP or 220 MP
  • 4 Person – 170 LP or 230 MP
  • 5 Person – 200 LP or 260 MP
  • 6 Person – 220 LP or 280 MP
  • 7 Person – 250 LP or 300 MP
  • 8 Person – 275 LP or 300 MP

How many people could live in the house?

It is worth considering re-sale of your home. If you have a 4 bedroom home it is a real turn off to find a 180L cylinder. By all means, get the size right for you needs now, but balance that with being fit for purpose for the future. Just as heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat your house, the hot water heat pump is the most efficient heat way to heat water. For this reason we recommend a stainless, solar/heat pump ready cylinder so you can easily add a hot water heat pump or solar panels now or in the future.

Both solar hot water and heat pumps help homeowners to save money and lower their carbon footprint. But if you’re looking for a more convenient, low-maintenance option, heat pumps usually offer a better deal: Solar Hot Water systems can still heat on overcast days, but they do work best in direct sunlight and often need an electric or gas booster in inclement weather and at night and it can be up to 50% more expensive in upfront costs, than a heat pump. Whereas, a Hot Water Heat Pump will heat your water in any weather, any time of the day or night (allowing you to take advantage of off-peak tariffs). They also have lower piping costs (heat pump and tank need no sunlight and so can be placed more flexibly) and are easily sheltered from harmful weather.

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A controller is not essential for Gas, but is worth considering if you want the benefits of complete temperature control and added features, like having it run you a bath and telling you when it is ready! You use your gas hot water unit more efficiently as less gas is required to heat water to 40 °C (typical shower temperature) than at 55 °C (default temperature without controllers). Plus, there is added peace of mind if you have young children in the house, you can pre-set the temperature to a child-safe level for the period while you are filling the bath.

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