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Since 1958, Rheem has been a trusted brand providing quality hot water solutions all over New Zealand – so they know what they are doing! Rheem was fast and effective in developing new products and expanding their range to give more customers more options to suit their hot water needs. This innovation made Rheem a leader in the industry even from the start when they were selling boilers that whistled to let customers know their water was hot and ready to go!

The team, still to this day, are always striving to build modern solutions while keep developing new industry standards, and are the first manufacturer in NZ to create a range of ‘On Tap’ instant boiling and chilled water dispensing tap!

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The Rheem Hot Water Cylinder Range

With effective mains pressure and low-pressure options, Rheem is the go-to solution for landlords and commercial building owners for a reliable hot water heating system! The units come in many varying sizes to suit your particular needs, water usage and temperature preferences. For example, Rheem’s Gas Continuous Flow range can even be equipped with the smart Rheem Integrity controller for complete control over your hot water.

Boasting intelligent, soft-touch control pads that allow you to set a safe temperature to keep you and your family comfortable while using your hot water across multiple rooms. The systems also can come equipped with safety shut off features, making sure that every experience using hot water is a safe and enjoyable one.

No more worrying about the little ones manually changing the temperature! With options suitable for multiple bathrooms with peak hot water demand, the Rheem brand range effectively makes sure that you get all the hot water you want, when you want it, rather than storing it over a period of time. With the added feature of Vitreous Enamel lining, a select few Rheem cylinders can withstand higher levels of hard water and prevent corossion for longer!

This saves you money in replacing a perfectly good cylinder in areas that see more untreated water being pumped through properties all over the country! With many Rheem systems being ‘on-demand’, you will only get hot water when you need it, which makes some of their range especially perfect for holiday homes or peak usage times when the whole family want to get ready and get out exploring!

If that’s not enough to get you convinced that this reputable brand is worth considering – when buying a Rheem product from a reputable supplier like The Hot Water Shop, you’ll have access to world class and full technical support through the Rheem National Service Network on all rheem gas hot water cylinders and products!



When shopping the Rheem range, consider your hot water usage to get an idea of which system will deliver the right amount for your requirements so that you don’t end up paying for extra hot water that you don’t need. Rheem specialises in models that suit your requirements rather than being a one size fits all design, so take note of your daily usage to get the best Rheem solution to get the most out of your hot water solution (and save yourself some money on bills too!) Here at The Hot Water Shop, we are proud to be supplying Rheem hot water cylinders 180l and solutions, as they are a notable favourite in both residential and commercial buildings and amongst plumbers with quality guarantee! Customers all over New Zealand have been benefitting from this world-known manufacturer of hot water cylinders, and you could be one of them! Have a question about the Rheem range? Contact our team at The Hot Water Shop today!

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