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Christchurch’s Hot Water Systems Specialists

Christchurch's Hot Water Systems Experts


The Hot Water Shop was established in 2014 as a buyers group to support a few local plumbers to achieve better pricing on a wide range of hot water systems and parts. The approach proved to be very successful, especially for our plumbers’ clients, you, the homeowners.

Since 2014, we’ve expanded our range to offer direct solutions with fixed price installation packages and cut-price hot water systems to our residential and plumbing customers. We take pride in representing highly reputable brands that we trust for use in New Zealand conditions. 

Brands such as Rheem, Rinnai, Peter Cocks, SuperHeat and Stiebel have built a reputation for reliability and innovation, and all have representation in New Zealand to ensure support is there when we need it. 

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how we work

Our Work Process


 Our approach to solving your hot water problems!



We first want to chat to you to assess what system might suit your home, your budget and future plans.



Next, we find out what exact system or cylinder you currently have to guide our recommendations to better your current situation.



Once we have gathered a little bit of info we can then give you a fixed price quote.


We Schedule

Now, let’s set a date and time that suits you for installation.



We’ll be there on time, with all the right parts to complete installation.


Follow up

We check in with you to make sure everything is working and up to standard.

Our latest specials & best hot water deals!

Hot Deals

Stiebel Eltron 300L Hot Water Heat Pump 690-1921mm
Bosch Tronic 160L OUTDOOR mains pressure cylinder 575 x 1512
Dux Proflow 250L OUTDOOR mains pressure cylinder 620 x 1445

Your local Hot Water System Specialists

For all your hot water cylinder needs contact The Hot Water Shop today!
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