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Found in both Low and Mains pressure cylinders, Vitreous Enamel lined hot water cylinders provide the best corrosion resistance to a wide range of water conditions including varying pH levels, high chlorides, hard water and MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion) as found in parts of the country and areas with untreated bore water.
Outdoor cylinders are not that common, but make so much sense if you want more cupboard space in the house, or if are doing a renovation and need to move the current cylinder to suit your plans. It is a pretty straight forward plumbing process and normally completed within about half a day.
If you’ve just moved into a house and find you don’t have enough hot water, this is most likely due to a smaller cylinder than you are used to. If you are suddenly noticing less hot water than normal, then it could be many things. The most common problems are a faulty tempering valve or a faulty element. Give us a call and we’ll send someone around to check.
For a site visit to diagnose the problem, including travel fee and up to 30 minutes of labour the fee is $99 (including GST). We might be able to remedy the situation within this time and we carry a range of parts if a simple fix is needed.
Mains pressure water is the highest flow possible to your taps. It can deliver a strong flow to many taps or showers at once for both the cold and hot water. Being on Mains Pressure gives you better shower performance, no pressure drop off when someone else is running water and a greater choice of tapware.
Most likely. You might be in a suburb that has natural gas connections available at the street. If not, you’ll need to set up your own gas bottle station somewhere safe on your property and pipe the gas to your new heater. Converting customers from old water cylinders to gas is one of our specialities, so just give us a call and we’ll advice what works for you.
Absolutely. They are a great way to save about 66% of your hot water heating costs. Plus, they use all the same connections as your traditional cylinder, so we can complete installation quickly and easily.
Using a rough guide of spending $3,000 p/a on power, we know a hot water cylinder will be responsible for approximately $1,000 of that annual power bill. Whereas if you installed Gas, you would save $1,000 p/a on power, but might spend $500 on gas, Installing a heat pump hot water system would save you more than gas, most likely only costing around $350 p/a in power to heat. Then solar would save even more, only costing approximate $300 per year, primarily during winter months to top up the solar power when needed.
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