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Hot Water Shop has the best hot water cylinder solutions for Christchurch homes. Our team of expert hot water plumbers and electrical specialists can assist with hot water heating options that are energy-efficient and save on running costs.

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chris wood
chris wood
From my 1st enquiry to install of heat pump water heating system, Tim and his team were great to deal with. Good communication throughout & install completed on the day agreed. Loving the shower now. Thanks Tim.
Nipuna Warnakulasuriya
Nipuna Warnakulasuriya
What an amazing service. We were struggling 4 days without hot water when I contacted these guys. They were fully booked out but I've told them I have 2 kids at home and I was struggling and they some how manged to get the job done for me with in 24h I contacted them. Tim (i think hes the manager or the owner) was my contact , such an amazing person. Definitely recommend these guys. Look no further if you need any hot water fixes. They are the best 🙂
Diane Park
Diane Park
The guys at Hot Water Shop changed my leaking low pressure hot water cylinder to a mains hot water cylinder. They were fantastic to deal with. Free quote, turned up on time and house was left clean and tidy with a new mains hot water cylinder. Very easy to deal with. Highly recommend.
Grant Hay
Grant Hay
Installation of new mains pressure HWC outside. Good price, good workmanship. Friendly and obliging. Happy to come back and tweak the system (temperature and pressure) after installation. Very happy with outcome.
Caleb Orotaunga
Caleb Orotaunga
Quick and Easy. Called Hot Water Shop for my hot water cylinder to be replaced and it was all done in one day. Fast service especially when our cylinder was leaking.
Channelle Carnie
Channelle Carnie
Great team - they removed the existing hot water cylinder and replaced it, connected us to mains, and also replaced the shower mixer for us. Everyone I dealt with was great, and I'd highly recommend them for their reasonable prices and good service.
James Mumby-Croft
James Mumby-Croft
From start to finish I could not be more happy with my experience with Hot Water Shop. While the pricing was really competitive, it was the fact the whole team were super friendly, professional and helpful, that made them really good to deal with. If you need a plumber, I cant recommend them highly enough, they did a really good job.
Scarlet Rae
Scarlet Rae
Sean, Patrick & Greg as a team are amazing, they install our gas hot water, explained everything they did. They kept everything tidy, and had amazing customer service skills. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for gas installation!

Our workmanship is guaranteed & all our hot water cylinders come with warranties.

Hot water solutions for residential homes is our sole focus. We will find the best hot water system for your family’s needs – with our signature friendly service, and assurance of buyer protection. Every job is fully project-managed, right from your consultation up until the hot water cylinder installation. Whether you’re upgrading your existing hot water cylinder, or installing a new one – Hot Water Shop has you covered.

Choosing a Hot Water Cylinder That is Right For Your Home

There are so many different makes, models and methods available when selecting your next hot water cylinder solution for your property – so, let us simplify it for you! Here at Hot Water Shop, we’ll help you find the right hot water system that is perfect for you, your home and your budget. If you have an urgent repair or replacement needed, it only takes a few minutes to talk to us about which option is best for your requirements and you will have your hot water back in action in no time.

If your hot water cylinder is running out of hot water frequently, or the pressure is noticeably lower, your hot water heating options may need to be assessed. Of course, leaking is also a major sign that it is time to upgrade your water heater.. At Hot Water Shop, we recommend considering a broad range of water heating systems – so you are well-informed when it is necessary to upgrade your hot water. If you spot signs that an upgrade is due, get in touch and we can help you assess the options available.

Hot water heating solutions have come a long way over the years. From energy-saving power supply to outdoor weatherproof cylinders, you can save on running costs and on space. A new cylinder can also, of course, mean better water pressure with more hot water available. Upgrading your hot water cylinder is a great time to consider the size cylinder that works best for your home, if your family is expanding, or you are looking at getting tenants into a property – the hot water needs may change quickly.

When space is of the essence, the size and location of your hot water cylinder are very important. We stock a range of space-saving indoor options, from point-of-use units to smaller-size hot water cylinders. Some of our cylinders can even go in roof spaces to make cupboard space available, and we even have weatherproof outdoor hot water cylinders that take up no indoor footprint.

Yes, installing a new cylinder can make for huge efficiency improvements. Minimum efficiency standards keep improving the quality of hot water cylinders, in particular insulation is rapidly improving to retain hot water temperature for longer. Most modern cylinders can have a heat pump or solar technology added to improve on running costs. Some of the best hot water cylinders available can offer impressive savings on power bills.


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Buy any product or installation package online and we’ll give you a three day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

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Our work is completed by Master Plumbers and we stock reputable brands with quality warranty programs.

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Remove any concerns of a budget blow out once the job starts, with our fixed price installation packages.


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Low Pressure systems are still quite common in New Zealand, especially in houses that are 30 years or older. We have a huge range of sizes available and we can arrange a custom build if you have a tricky size that needs replacement. If your budget allows for it we would recommend upgrading to Mains Pressure for improved performance.

One of the most common cylinders in NZ, the mains pressure systems gives you more hot water faster and won’t drop pressure when running two taps or showers. Plus mains pressure will give you ultimate flexibility in tapware choice and future upgrades, such as adding Solar or a Heat Pump to reduce energy use.

Modern cylinders are now more efficient and better insulated than ever before. And now we have a range of electric hot water cylinders that can be installed outside your home – perfect if you are doing a renovation and want to free up space for a kitchen, laundry, or linen cupboard. Talk to us today to find out if an Outdoor Cylinder is right for you.

Hot water cylinder systems are used to provide hot water in a home. To install these systems, it’s important to hire a professional team (like us!) who has the tools and knowledge needed to do the job correctly. The installation process involves selecting the right type of cylinder and removing the old hot water system and installation of the new cylinder – often in a new location or outdoors. 

Regular maintenance is critical to ensure that your hot water cylinder system operates efficiently and safely. Without proper maintenance, your system can become less efficient, resulting in higher energy bills and reduced water pressure. Additionally, a poorly maintained system can lead to leaks and potentially damage to your family home..

Keep your hot water cylinder working for longer


To maintain your hot water cylinder system, it’s important to check the pressure relief valve every six months to ensure that it’s working correctly. The valve is responsible for releasing excess pressure and preventing the cylinder from overheating. It’s also important to inspect the cylinder regularly for signs of corrosion or leaks. Flushing the cylinder once a year can help prevent sediment buildup, which can reduce efficiency and damage the system over time.

By following these simple tips and hiring a professional plumber for regular maintenance, you can ensure that your hot water cylinder system operates efficiently and safely for years to come.

Advantages of Hot Water Cylinders


Hot water cylinders are known for their reliability. They are simple and, if maintained properly, can last for many years.

A ready supply of hot water

Hot water cylinders are able to supply hot water to multiple fixtures at once. This means that multiple people can use hot water at the same time.


Hot water cylinders are often more cost-effective than other types of water heating systems. 


Frequently asked questions

Depending on which option and size you choose, price can vary greatly. Some that are more expensive to buy are designed to save you money in bills, whereas cheaper models to buy may not be so savvy on economic settings and rack up larger bills. Always discuss all of these options, benefits and pitfalls of each model to understand what to expect from your new hot water cylinder, at the time of installation and in the long run. Outdoor cylinders can cost anywhere from roughly $1,600 all the way to $6,000 depending on the model and features. Mains pressure and low pressure cylinders start in the low $1000s, some models being even cheaper to buy. Solar cylinders are a tad more expensive due to the solar panels required to buy with it in order for it to work efficiently. Your specific requirements will rule some cylinders out and shine others in a favourable light – so talk to the experts today about what you need and get a free quote.

When you need hot water, be it for a shower or for your kitchen sink, that hot water has to be coming from somewhere. Hot water cylinders are as they sound, a large cylindrical tank somewhere in your house that provides hot water to every tap. These hot water cylinders vary from make to make, from the pressure to size and between power sources. The cylinders themselves are made from steel (newer models) or copper (more traditional models) and operate in a similar way to an electric jug. New Zealand manufacturers offer different power sources between cylinder makes, from electricity-powered hot water solutions to gas, solar, heat pumps and wetback systems. All of these cylinders are regulated by a thermostat to meet New Zealand hot water heating regulation standards.

Hot water cylinders work by filling the tank through a bottom inlet with cold water, and heating that water gradually. As the water heats up, it rises to the top of the tank, ready to be used via the top outlet, by any tap or shower in the household that is turned on and requests hot water. This process continues all day and night, providing you with the hot water you need – whenever you need it. There are varying degrees of availability and quantity of hot water depending on which pressure system you are on, but the functionality is almost always the same.

Low-Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Still common in older Kiwi houses, low-pressure hot water cylinders deliver adequate hot water and pressure for a small family or people who do not need a lot of hot water on demand. Low-pressure cylinders are suitable for traditional style taps and low hot water use. By regulating the hot water in this way, you save money on heating bills and there is very little waste – making it more eco-friendly and economical.

Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

The most popular of hot water cylinder solutions, mains pressure cylinders are attached to your mains water – and pump out a huge amount of hot water fast for large households, households that run multiple taps or showers at once or where there is a higher demand for reliable pressure and temperature. Modern taps, showers and mixers are more compatible with mains pressure systems than any other due to the high amount of heated pressure required to make them function as designed.

Outdoor Hot Water Cylinders

For space-saving within the walls of your home, you can opt for an outdoor hot water cylinder. These cylinders are built to weather all kinds of climates and are more efficient than they’ve ever been before. To free up that space in the linen closet or kitchen, choose an outdoor cylinder for hot water you can enjoy but won’t encroach on your living spaces. These are perfect to install during a renovation, or straight from the original build.

Solar Ready Hot Water Cylinders

Solar ready refers to a small port that allows for your cylinder to be converted to solar power later down the line. Solar-powered cylinders gain their energy from solar panels on your roof, taking the natural power of the sun and converting it into energy to heat your hot water. An eco-friendly alternative to hot water cylinders otherwise powered by electricity or gas.

Installation You Can Trust

Install prices, too, vary depending on the job at hand. For the best scope of prices, get in touch with the Hot Water Shop team to get a free, no-obligation quote so that there are no hidden costs or surprises when it comes to choosing your hot water cylinder cost and your install options.


For all your hot water cylinder needs.

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