Solar Ready Cylinders

It doesn’t cost much extra to install a solar ready cylinder. Solar Ready is an extra port that allows for the easy addition of Solar Power in the future.

Although most older cylinders can be converted into Solar, is it not as efficient as having a Solar Ready cylinder. Find out more about our full Solar installation packages here, or talk to us today.

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For all your solar hot water cylinder needs contact The Hot Water Shop today!

We put all of our focus into residential hot water systems, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with the specialists when talking to us about your next hot water solution. We’ll find the most suitable system for your home, your family and your hot water requirements, all wrapped up with friendly service and buyer protection.
solar hot water

Solar Hot Water Installations

Thinking of going solar? This eco-friendly and efficient method of water heating is right up our alley. We offer qualified solar hot water installations, ensuring you get a suitable unit for the right amount of hot water and pressure for your premises. For solar hot water installations made easy, choose the Hot Water Shop.


Solar Hot Water Repairs

Well, the sun isn’t broken, so it might be the unit you’re using. If your solar water isn’t acting the way it should, you may need solar hot water repairs to get your water back on the hot side. Our friendly team can assess the extent of the problem and organise your solar hot water repairs in no time.


Solar Hot Water Replacements

Time to move the old solar model out to pasture? We offer solar hot water replacements whenever you need them most to keep those surprise cold showers at bay. For solar hot water replacements or upgrades, you’ve come to the right place.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the job, we’ll come back and rectify the issue at no extra cost.

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Buy any product or installation package online and we’ll give you a three day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

Component and Service Guarantee

Our work is completed by Master Plumbers and we stock reputable brands with quality warranty programs.

Fixed Price Quotes

Remove any concerns of a budget blow out once the job starts, with our fixed price installation packages.


For all your solar hot water needs
contact The Hot Water Shop today!

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