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Low flow tapware – use less hot water, deliver great pressure 

Normal taps account for 15 to 18 litres per minute, while a low-flow model can use as little as 2 litres per minute, or a …

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5 ways to save on your hot water bill

Hot water makes up 1/3 of the power bill for a lot of people. In these times of inflation, it helps to find ways to …

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Shipping chaos – now is the time to lock in your products and prices.

Shipping delays caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic are leading to product shortages and supply chain issues affecting the hardware industries and building supplies. These …

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What’s happening to LPG in 2025?

The questions we’ve been fielding the most in recent months have been:“Is the government phasing out gas?” and “What’s going to happen to my gas hot …

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Will changing to a solar hot water system save me money?

If you are already running an older low or mains pressure cylinder, then it often makes sense to replace with another cylinder. I guess it all depends on the size of your family, your budget or if trying a more sustainable option is something you want to consider.

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Gas hot water

Difference Between Low And Mains Pressure Cylinder

Lots of people make the switch from low/equal pressure to mains pressure cylinders for several reasons, although there are advantages to having a low-pressure hot water system as well! In modern households where several people share a home, low-pressure systems can be inconvenient…

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