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What to consider when upgrading your hot water cylinder

If you’re dealing with a leaking cylinder, poor hot water pressure, a lack of hot water, or planning a renovation, it might be the perfect ...
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5 Hot Water tips for your kitchen or bathroom renovation

Upgrade to Mains Pressure Hot Water How to create extra space inside Know your options Invest in future savings Apply for a green home loan ...
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Low hot water pressure: why you have it, and how to fix it

There are few things in life more rewarding than a hot, steamy, powerful shower. And there are few things in life more frustrating than water ...
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How to spot a leaking hot water cylinder early

Ahh, the hot water cylinder. The source of all your family’s showers, baths, and warm water on call. Always there, always reliable. At least until… ...
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Low flow tapware – use less hot water, deliver great pressure 

Normal taps account for 15 to 18 litres per minute, while a low-flow model can use as little as 2 litres per minute, or a ...
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5 ways to save on your hot water bill

Hot water makes up 1/3 of the power bill for a lot of people. In these times of inflation, it helps to find ways to ...
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