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Save on power bills with Hot Water Heat Pumps

A very efficient way to heat your water, with savings of over 66% on your current water heating costs.We supply the quietest cylinder with inbuilt heat pump on the market and we can even retrofit a heat pump to most standard cylinders.
Hot Water Heat Pump Specialists Christchurch

Power savings of up to 66% with a heat pump hotwater system.

The future in hot water heating is here and better than solar. Heating with solar thermal energy means running costs as low, or lower than traditional solar, without the upfront costs. A traditional solar water heaters use the warmth from the sun to heat the water. 

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Heat Pump Benefits

A Heat Pump doesn’t need solar collectors mounted on the roof. It uses technology to extract and intensify the warmth that is naturally in the air around us then uses that warmth to produce hot water.

1.Both mains & low

Mains and Low Pressure hot water cylinder can be used

2.Tag to existing cylinder

We can retrofit a heat pump to your current hot water cylinder


Efficient modern technology

4.Outdoor or indoor

Can be installed outside, in a garage or in a roof space

Don't miss out on a bargain

Our Current Deals

Stiebel Eltron Premium Wall Heater 1kW
Econergy HP4000LT Heat Pump Water Heater
Stiebel Eltron 220L Hot Water Heat Pump 690-1553mm

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We can manage your entire conversion, from retro fit to installation of a new cylinder and inbuilt heatpump. The quiet and efficient Stiebel, well respected and represented in New Zealand for consumer protection. 
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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Christchurch

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the job, we’ll come back and rectify the issue at no extra cost.

Money Back Guarantee

Buy any product or installation package online and we’ll give you a three day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

Component and Service Guarantee

Our work is completed by Master Plumbers and we stock reputable brands with quality warranty programs.

Fixed Price Quotes

Remove any concerns of a budget blow out once the job starts, with our fixed price installation packages.

Your local Hot Water System Specialists

For all your hot water cylinder needs contact The Hot Water Shop today!

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