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Gas hot water systems are the popular and efficient choice with modern households looking for cost-effective and affordable water heating solutions. No more waiting for your hot water cylinder to heat up, and no more risk of running out of hot water after your teenagers have concluded their twenty-minute shower ritual.

Gas hot water is the continuous flow solution for functional households to get all the hot water they need without paying anything extra for unused hot water heating.

Say goodbye to cold showers and unused heat going to waste sitting in a cylinder somewhere!

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Why choose gas hot water?

There’s a fairly substantial list of reasons why gas hot water might be the right solution for your household, but let’s talk about the main benefits of a gas water heater.

People often ask us, “Do you need a hot water cylinder with gas?” when concerned about having to find somewhere to hide a huge hot water heating cylinder – and the answer is no! With no bulky storage cylinder to worry about finding a home for, there’s also no loss of energy from stored hot water you’re not actually using when you switch to a gas hot water system.

Gas hot water systems are super-efficient as they only heat the water you need, only when you need it, which saves you money and time and offers a continuous flow of hot water. Zero worries about running out of hot water, even when it’s a particularly heavy shower or bath day!

The required water is efficiently and instantly heated up by running through a gas califont tank, which is a non-invasive small tank taking up barely any wall space, unlike the large traditional hot water cylinder. As soon as you turn on the tap, the water is heated and sent to you, wasting less water as you don’t have to wait for it to warm up.

With gas hot water, you can even set the temperature through a smart thermostat controller, depending on the gas hot water model you select and keep a controlled handle over your safe heating temperatures. Safer hot water temperatures can take a weight off your mind when you have little ones running around, especially during bath time when curious hands can reach the taps.

Gas hot water systems are suitable for mains pressure, allowing you both great pressure from your showers but also a continuous flow of hot water – win, win.

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Our Other Plumbing and Installation Services
Besides experienced water heater and gas hot water services, we offer a wide range of other plumbing services to give you the A-Z one-stop shop for all your hot water needs.
We install all kinds of hot water systems for both commercial and residential properties across Christchurch, New Zealand. This includes the installation and gas fitting of all gas hot water systems, heat pumps, wetback cylinders, plumbing services in relation to the installation (other plumbing services are also available), solar cylinder and panel installation, heating cylinders of all kinds and maintenance services.
Maintenance and repair services of any kind of water heating system, be it a gas fitter or a plumber that you require, we’ve got both for all your plumbing, cylinder and gas water heating requirements. From big repair jobs to complete replacements, our services cover all manner of broken water systems.
Safety or functionality upgrades and recommendations to update older models of water heating systems that no longer fit your requirements.
Get all of your hot water system installation and maintenance services sorted today.
Yes, gas hot water systems are cheaper because they are cost-effective for what you are receiving. Gas hot water is cheaper to power than an electric water heater. There are no off-peak tariffs to worry about as you do with electricity, so your water heating bill can be fairly predictable, based only on your usage. However, if you are using gas hot water bottles to heat your gas hot water system, those bottles will eventually run out – so it is more cost-effective to be attached directly to the hot water mains. Talk to us about the right gas water heater to suit your budget and requirements.
Nope! As previously mentioned, gas hot water boasts a continuous flow of hot water, available for all the family to use. This feature is especially useful in a larger household, or you need to give baths to smaller children. Gas water heaters are increasingly becoming the water heater of choice in family homes.
Yes, you absolutely need a professional gas fitter when installing gas water heating. It is reckless and dangerous to try and DIY this one, and actually illegal due to the risks involved. For your property to be properly compliant and covered by insurance, you need a certified gas fitter to undertake any gas water heater pipework connections on your property. If you try to do your own gas fitting installation, repairs or maintenance, there could be serious consequences that are not worth risking, like allowing gas to leak into your home, causing damage, fires or harming your family’s health.
While you must have a registered Gas Safe engineer or gas fitter to connect water pipework to a gas boiler or gas water heater, there are some parts of the work that an unregistered person can carry out – although we don’t recommend it. “Wet Work” includes installing water pipes or radiators, and these jobs, technically, can be carried out by an unregistered person. Be safe and talk to us today about how we can sort out every aspect of your water heater installation and maintenance.
It depends on the plumber. In order to legally be certified to be a gas fitter and therefore install gas water heaters, you must have a Gas Safe qualification. If the plumbing expert also has a gas fitting certification, then yes, they can do both but it is important to note that plumbers might not automatically have that certification; it’s an extra skill set. Installing continuous flow gas water heaters requires a different kind of specialist to traditional plumbing. Still, it is easy to see where the confusion comes from since popular water heating systems can be powered by gas, solar, heat pump or solar sources. Due to convenience for customers, lots of plumbers do offer both services – like us! You need the right services to install gas water heaters in your home – which we can help with!
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