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Life Expectancy of Hot Water Cylinders Drastically Reduced in Christchurch!

Between June 2018 and September 2018, it was reported that over 2,000 copper hot water cylinders all failed under unusual circumstances and had to be replaced in the Christchurch region. With all the failures linked to abnormal faults, an investigation was launched by Superheat to find the cause of the growing problem with the city’s water.

Pitting corrosion was quickly discovered across copper hot water cylinders, all from different manufacturers, with a build-up of chlorine being found present in all of the pitts that lead to the leaks – which caused the failures. While pitting corrosions of hot water cylinders and domestic water pipes are quite common and difficult to predict, after studying the prematurely failing copper cylinders in question, the engineers taking the investigation were able to conclude that the failures were due to an excess of chlorine not previously found in Christchurch water.

The Superheat study took 4 hot water cylinders that had failed from the area and had them methodically examined, the findings listed below

This has drastically reduced the life expectancy of all current hot water cylinders in use, and as qualified engineers have stated during this study, once the pitting starts, it does not stop, which leads to inevitable failure.

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A controller is not essential for Gas, but is worth considering if you want the benefits of complete temperature control and added features, like having it run you a bath and telling you when it is ready! You use your gas hot water unit more efficiently as less gas is required to heat water to 40 °C (typical shower temperature) than at 55 °C (default temperature without controllers). Plus, there is added peace of mind if you have young children in the house, you can pre-set the temperature to a child-safe level for the period while you are filling the bath.

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