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Hey Spreydon, your hot water cylinder repair just got easier.

When your Spreydon hot water cylinder is not working the way it should be, you need a hot water expert to sort your hot water cylinder. Whatever the problem, our hot water cylinder repair experts will help you get your hot water back on track.

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We will first chat with you about what kind of hot water cylinder you want for your Spreydon home. As well as what level of pressure you’re after and how many bathrooms it will support. Once we know your exact requirements, we can give you a free fixed quote for the ideal cylinder and installation.

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For installation, which hot water cylinder suits my situation?

Good question! When we do a free site visit and give you a fixed quote for the job – the price we say is the price you pay – no surprises. Depending on your requirements and the method of heating that is best suited for your property, any of the following cylinder options might be considered:

The most popular choice for a modern household, mains pressure water heating, is attached directly to the water mains (hence its name) and can produce more hot water faster to support a busy home. The hot water won’t dip or scald when another shower or tap is turned on simultaneously, giving everyone free rein over the bathroom and tap use. Ideal for households with more than two people!

Low-pressure cylinders are perfect for smaller households or single-person apartments. A staple in houses that are thirty years or older, low-pressure systems provide less hot water than a high-pressure counterpart. While it can promote cheaper bills, if your household needs to use two showers at once when getting ready for work or need a lot of hot water fast, you may need to upgrade from this model to do so comfortably.

Solar is for the environmentally conscious and those who enjoy lower power bills each month. The upfront cost of a solar or solar-ready cylinder may seem steeper than regular cylinders powered by gas or electricity but they make up for it in the long run by using a sustainable, inexhaustible power source – the sun. Solar panels are installed on the roof to catch the sun’s energy and transform it into power that your cylinder uses to heat your water. For the more bleak months, you don’t need to go without hot water. Our Solar cylinders come with an electric booster to make up the difference and keep your water hot if the sun is being particularly shy.

With updated insulation, we now install outdoor hot water cylinders in Addington homes! These cylinders save valuable space inside and cost no more to run, even in Addington’s cooler weather so that you get all the hot water you need without sacrificing a linen closet or kitchen cupboard.

For transparent pricing and quality expertise for your next hot water cylinder installation in Spreydon, get in touch with the team at the Hot Water Shop today.

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