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When You Need Efficient Hot Water Heat Pump Solutions, You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Fancy a heat pump that delivers reliable hot water all year round?

With the quietest cylinder available and the potential for massive savings on your hot water bill, heat pump water heating is a crowd favourite with many households.

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Want water heat solutions that don’t cost the earth?

Instead of drawing power from traditional methods, hot water heat pumps use innovative technology to draw upon the natural warmth surrounding the cylinder itself and intensify it – ready for use in your shower, bath or taps.

This kind of system works well with both mains and low pressures systems and can save you a bundle on your monthly hot water bill. We can even adapt your current cylinder to use a heat pump instead of replacing the whole system! Ka-ching!

Why choose heat pump water heaters?

Hot Water Heat Pump – Brooklands Solutions

If you’re seeking a hot water cylinder that is the right solution for your household, there are several factors that could make a heat pump water heater the perfect match. The biggest drawcard of heat pump water heating is definitely the cost. You can save over 66% of your usual electric water heating costs with a heat pump water heater, as the technology draws the warm air from around the cylinder and converts it into usable heat instead of starting from scratch with cold air and cold water.

Compatible with both mains and low-pressure systems, you don’t have to adapt your water connection entirely to be able to get heat pump water heaters installed. We can retrofit a heat pump and attach it to your existing cylinder, which makes it a cost-effective option.

Heat pump water heaters can also be installed outside, saving you valuable space inside your home. Want to chat pros and cons of heat pump water heaters, and how to get a heat pump organised?

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Our Other Plumbing and Installation Services

Besides offering experienced water heater and gas hot water services, we can accommodate a wide range of other plumbing services to give you the A-Z one-stop shop for all your hot water needs.

We install all kinds of hot water systems for both commercial and residential properties across Christchurch, New Zealand. This includes the installation and gas fitting of all gas hot water systems, heat pumps, wetback cylinders, plumbing services in relation to the installation (other plumbing services are also available), solar cylinder and panel installation, heating cylinders of all kinds and maintenance services.

Maintenance and repair services of any kind of water heating system. Be it a gas fitter or a plumber that you require, we’ve got both for all your plumbing, cylinder and gas water heating requirements. From big repair jobs to complete replacements, our services cover all manner of broken water systems.

Safety or functionality upgrades and recommendations to update older models of water heating systems that no longer fit your requirements.

Get all of your hot water system installation and maintenance services sorted today.

Want to know how much hot water heat pumps cost?

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A heat pump water heater works by using the air surrounding it to heat water within a storage tank. It works a little bit like a reverse air conditioner, in simpler terms. The unit extracts the heat from the surrounding air using a refrigerant gas that is then pressurised in a compressor, able to heat the water hot enough to use in showers and taps.

They can be, however, we’ve got the quietest models available so you can enjoy the benefits of low water heating costs as well as a quiet unit that hums along without being intrusive. Worst case scenario, you can install a heat pump hot water cylinder outside, negating any leftover sound that you may be concerned about.

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