Waterware Ritter 7.5kW Hot Water Heat Pump



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Waterware Ritter 7.5kW Hot Water Heat Pump


Ritter thermal is an inverter air-to-water heat pump with refrigerant and high efficiency, designed for direct recovery hot water applications.

A high-quality and efficient compressor, fan, and water pump are used to ensure low noise levels with insulation.

The heat pump features a full metal case rather than the plastic grills found on most other units.
This heat pump series is designed to work without electric element support, with output temperatures up to 70°C with outdoor temperature.
The control system is PV-ready, which provides a dynamic boost when the PV system is producing solar energy.
Hot Water Capacity Range (kW): 7.5
Hot water maximum temperature: 70° Celsius.

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 568 × 1580 cm



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Heat Pump

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