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About the Rinnai Brand

Rinnai Corporation hails from Nagoya, Japan, and brings with them a wealth of experience in heating homes all over the world! Their credo states that everyone deserves to be warm in their own home without having to pay a huge sum of money for this very basic luxury. Rinnai pinpointed a huge flaw in many manufacturers who were creating mains pressure hot water system cylinder that were costing too much for the general consumer, and have made it their mission to provide safe and affordable hot water systems for customers everywhere to make sure that families get the warmth they need to stay healthy and happy.
Rinnai Corporation is also at the forefront of minimising any negative impacts their manufacturing has on the environment by being engaged in an active environmental programme, taking the future of the planet into account which plays a large part in the company’s decision making. If all that wasn’t enough to warm the cockles of your heart, Rinnai also supports “Youth at Risk” initiatives within their community! Shop the Rinnai Range at The Hot Water Shop here!

The Rinnai Hot Water Systems Range

Never worry about the safety of your hot water around children ever again, with the smart Rinnai Infinity Bathroom Control! The hot water can be preset to a child-safe temperature so the kids can’t change it themselves mid-bath or shower!

With no need for manually mixing hot and cold water to get the perfect temperature, you’ll also never have to worry about dangerous temperature spikes when any other taps in the house are turned on. Available in two modern variations, you can opt for the Rinnai Infinity Deluxe Bathroom Control which combines your control of both the bathroom and kitchen hot water temperatures – flicking between the two controls at the press of a button!

Boasting endless hot water, the Rinnai INFINITY range is designed to provide continuous gas hot water with less effort (and less cost) to heat to the regular temperatures that you would need without a smart controller.

The Rinnai INFINITY hot water units themselves are attached to the outside of your home, freeing up valuable space inside for storage. Available in 2 sizes at The Hot Water Shop, we are certain the Rinnai range is going to make a big difference in the way you use hot water.

Coupled with the INFINITY controllers, you can have control over how your hot water is used, the temperature and use it for troubleshooting any gas problems relating to your hot water!

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The units save you money on your bills because they only turn on when you need hot water – so you’re only paying for the hot water you use and not passive water heating. The relatively low cost of the units is also a bonus, with a comprehensive warranty provided by Rinnai on all of its products in New Zealand! With Rinnai having a home base in New Zealand, you’ll be able to get a cost-effective service performed by Rinnai experts – saving you time and money on having the wrong people trying to fix your units – if they ever needed looking at! Explore the possibility of total hot water control today with The Hot Water Shop, proud suppliers of Rinnai hot water cylinders and INFINITY controllers! Have a question about the Rinnai range? Contact our team today!
Our team of experts at The Hot Water Shop visit your home and take a look at the existing hot water system in place, where it currently lives, and if it’s the right spot for the installation for a new Rinnai Hot Water System cylinder and smart system controller. Once that’s done, the process is fairly straight forward! Get in touch for more information!
Consider your household sizes, the number of bathrooms you have, and then how often you need to use hot water! If you have a large family, or often use the showers at the same time, a bigger capacity water cylinder might be more suitable to keep up with demand.
When you turn on a hot tap, cold water runs through pipes into your Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder. There, that gas burner fires up and immediately heats the water being sent to it before sending it out the outlet pipes ready to use throughout the house. This works continuously, being efficient and an endless supply of hot water!
Every installation is different, depending on which unit you choose, what cylinder it will be replacing and other contributing factors. For a Rinnai hot water cylinder price, get in touch with us and take advantage of our free quote service here!
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