5 Hot Water tips for your kitchen or bathroom renovation

  1. Upgrade to Mains Pressure Hot Water
  2. How to create extra space inside

  3. Know your options

  4. Invest in future savings

  5. Apply for a green home loan

Upgrade to Mains Pressure Hot Water

It may sound obvious, but I see numerous bathroom renovations yet the home is still on low pressure hot water. I see little point investing in beautiful fixtures and finishings when the shower experience remains dismal. In most instances we recommend upgrading your hot water at the start of your renovation, as it can unlock other opportunities.

How to create extra space inside

Many homes have existing hot water cylinders in some prime locations in the house. Blocking kitchen corners, taking over space in the bathroom or reducing hallway cupboard storage. Smaller homes in particular, can benefit from an outdoor hot water cylinder, a heat pump cylinder or even gas hot water.

Know your options

There are many different hot water systems available now, yet many plumbers continue to install what they know. Our brand knowledge and install experience covers small systems, split systems, on demand, outdoor, future tech and product warranties. We recommend chatting with a few providers to get a full understanding of your options.

Invest in savings

Stretching a renovation budget to include technology that saves on running costs is a great opportunity. The return on investment will depend upon many factors particular to your individual circumstances. We recommend hot water heat pumps, solar power and solar hot water systems to be in the budget mix right from the start.

Apply for a green home loan

Most major banks offer Energy/Efficiency or Green Home Loan top ups at very competitive rates. As part of your renovation budget, it is worth chatting with your bank to see what they offer. Some banks may even contribute $2000 over 4 years towards your investment in renewable energy.

Book a free consultation

We work alongside you to understand what you want and need from a hot water system. That can include your usage, the size of your household, your budget, and your future plans.
This is maybe the one time you want someone to help you get into hot water, and not out of it. So make it count.


2 thoughts on “5 Hot Water tips for your kitchen or bathroom renovation”

  1. Can you change my electric hot water tank to a Heat pump system,using my tank.Is the saving in weekly costs worth it?.How do they perform in winter?Would there be days when we don’t have hot water?Thanks Wayne.

    1. Hi Wayne, yes we can add a heat pump to your current cylinder and they perform all year round, even on the coldest days.
      I would need to know your average monthly power bill to work out the approximate savings for you. If you want to, fill out a website quote form with your details and average power bill and I’ll get back to you. Cheers, Tim

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